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change project management tony vince delivery consulting

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change project management tony vince delivery consulting

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How does Delivery Consulting work?

The short answer is that we’ll work however and wherever - and more or less whenever - that our clients need us to, as long as it doesn’t compromise our professional standards.

The slightly longer answer is that we can work as:

  • a consultant:  bringing our years of experience to assess and advise, but leave the decisions and delivery to you.
  • a contractor:  giving you extra resource bandwidth, capable and expert bandwidth, to work on a time-defined role.
  • an interim:  similar to the contractor role, although the interim role is typically to cover a staff absence.
  • a combination of the above:  the benefit of expert advice, plus delivery capability, for as long as you need it.

At the start of an assignment we discuss your situation so that we can understand and clearly define what you need us to do.  We’ll document the outcome of those discussions into an assignment brief which we both formally sign.  This ensures that we’ve understood your requirements and that you know what we will deliver, when, and at what cost.  It also means that we can provide very clear progress updates over the duration of the assignment.

We also undertake “take-away” assignments - working remotely and following your brief to achieve objectives in complete isolation from the day to day business.  This can be a more appropriate approach in highly confidential or sensitive situations.

Whatever the basis of our involvement, we have a guiding belief, that ...

Change is more effective when done with, rather than done to.

There is a change-management approach that views any challenge as an obstacle in need of a bulldozer, and treats any objection as an indication of the inability of the objector to see the bigger picture and work towards the greater good.

That’s not our approach. 

We find that change can be achieved far more effectively when people are persuaded to become advocates rather than when they are bulldozed or belittled.  We like to hear and understand the objections.  Generally, those objections help us shape the project more effectively and deliver a more successful outcome.  Much better to hear, and respond to, the challenge beforehand, rather than to hear the “I always knew that wouldn’t work” afterwards!

It’s one of the aspects of project management that we feel strongly about.  Read our thought pieces for other strong views!

How?  With you, however (wherever & whenever) you need us to.


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