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change project management tony vince delivery consulting

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change project management tony vince delivery consulting

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What does Delivery Consulting do?

The short answer is that we work with you to help you define, deliver and capture the benefits of change activity.  That means that we work across all stages of the change lifecycle;

  • Helping you identify what needs to change; a business process, an IT system, an organisational structure, an operating model, or - often - a combination of those factors and more.
  • Defining the scope of the change required, and the outcomes and benefits that are needed.  And also being very clear about what is outside the scope of the change - what must be left intact and unchanged!
  • Setting up the project from day 1; building the team, implementing a governance structure, preparing the milestone and detailed plans, identifying risks and issues, identifying the stakeholders and preparing the communications strategy.
  • Managing the project from start to finish, ensuring that the right skills are available when needed, making sure that progress is made efficiently, providing accurate and honest reporting (not everything goes perfectly all the time), and - eventually - preparing for the implementation and benefit realisation phases.
  • Implementation; transferring the outcomes from the project into the BAU world and ensuring that the anticipated benefits are captured and demonstrated.
  • Conducting independent project health-checks and rescues; an objective assessment of the state of an in-flight project, sometimes to confirm that progress and outlook is all as good as reporting, and sometimes to confirm a fear that failure is just around the corner - but then working out how to turn a different corner instead!

Project, Programme, Portfolio or Change Management?

There are differences - some subtle, some less so - between the meaning of these terms.  But they all have a common foundation in that they are about defining, managing and delivering change at some level.

Delivery Consulting has worked, can work, and hopefully will continue to work in all four areas of change activity.

We’ve also tried to differentiate between these (and other) terms - follow the links below to read our definitions;


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