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change project management tony vince delivery consulting

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change project management tony vince delivery consulting

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We take away the problem of managing change.

Delivery Consulting is a specialist change consulting and delivery company.  We help you plan, manage and deliver  change projects and programmes, ensuring that you realise tangible and demonstrable business benefit.

We can assist with many types of change challenge - preparing for new regulatory demands, designing and building new IT systems, business process improvement and re-structuring exercises, even changing the way that an organisation manages change - we have successfully assisted in all of the above, and many other, types of project.


Change, from design to delivery.

We can work with you throughout the change project lifecycle.

  • Project definition:  defining the objectives and outcomes, defining what will change (scope) and what won’t.
  • Planning:  working with you and / or the project team to prepare a detailed, realistic, achievable plan for the project.
  • Project Management:  managing all stakeholders, dealing with risks and issues, and providing  progress reporting.
  • Implementation:  ensuring that the organisation is ready to accept the changes created by the project.
  • Benefit realisation:  capturing the benefits of the project, allowing everyone to demonstrate success.

We can provide the full lifecycle service, or we can provide advice, support, or resource for individual phases of the lifecycle depending on your need.  Please follow the links to read more about the challenges of each of lifecycle phase.


Healthcheck and recovery.

Sometimes an existing project may just not “feel right”, or may be more clearly off-track, missing targets and costing more.  We can  independently assess and re-energise or recover existing projects:

  • Challenging whether an original scope remains valid and relevant, and whether adequate progress is being made.
  • Providing an independent assessment of actual status and outlook of an in-flight project.
  • Taking over a failing project, giving it a fresh focus and impetus and recovering it back to an agreed plan.


Our “Thoughts & Opinions”. 

Articles and thought pieces, related to project & programme management, are here.

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